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Streamsong Resort

A feast for the senses, a paradise for the soul

Golf Resort

Located in Bowling Green, between the characteristic wetlands of the heart of Florida, and in the surroundings of Paynes Creek State Historical Park, this luxurious complex is characterized by being spread out on an immense terrain where decades ago there was an important phosphate mine, resulting in spectacular conditions in its sandy soil for the development of local flora and fauna, offering guests a pure and unique contact with nature.

Developed by the creators of Bandon Dunes, Streamsong guarantees an unrivaled golf experience in Florida. His planning in detail, achieved that at no time the golfer intersects with other golfers or can see buildings from anywhere on the golf course. This has managed to generate that unique sensation of “getting lost in the middle of nature” difficult to explain with words, to the point that if the golfer arrived blindfolded, he would have no way of guessing where he is. In line with this, the Resort decided that should be walking courses and with caddies (cars are only available in the few summer months with overwhelming heat).

Three renowned architects were recruited for their three courses: Tom Doak (of Renaissance Golf Design), Bill Core and Ben Crenshaw, and Gil Hanse were in charge of the construction of three world golf masterpieces, Streamsong Blue, Streamsong Red and Streamsong Black, considered among the 100 best golf courses in the USA, and top 6 in Florida.


Destined for golf greatness

Streamsong Blue

Streamsong Blue

  • Impressive, fun and original. This modern Tom Doak creation with spacious fairways, undulating greens and many areas of white sand, proposes spectacular shots all the time, which are hindered by the usual wind.
  • It is truly a unique experience in a dream place. Perhaps that is why it is ranked in the TOP10 of the best courses in Florida.
Streamsong Red

Streamsong Red

  • It is the highest ranked course of the 3 at Streamsong Resort, and is in the TOP 3 in Florida. This masterpiece of design, in charge of Core-Crenshaw, is characterized by its unevenness, holes of varying distances, and its greens that take many different forms.
  • In various parts of the graph, the natural mirrors of water appear with their great fauna and the white sand dunes characteristic of this former phosphate mine.
Streamsong Black

Streamsong Black

  • Opened in September 2017, it is the last of the 3 courses at the Streamsong Resort, and features an avant-garde design by Gil Hanse characterized by its huge greens, which are also always firm and fast.


The modern "estate of the art" building summarizes the most modern architecture with 3 predominant elements: concrete, glass and wood. In a place where every detail has been thought out, the hotel is set up so that it is not visible from anywhere on the 3 golf courses. Each room has a spacious bathroom, luxurious sheets, a private living room, two Led TVs and a huge glazed wall through which you can enjoy the views of nature and the sunset, disappearing on the horizon.

Other things to do

Some alternative activities of the Resort are guided fishing (under the rules of “catch and release” taking care not to cause any harm to the fish), archery and ceramic shooting. In addition, you can go hiking in the area, relax in its modern spa, rest in the pools by the lake or enjoy the gym. 

Located just 70 minutes from World Disney World, it is a great golf getaway to take on a trip to Orlando and its parks, or other golf attractions like Bay Hill Lodge. To the west, it is combinable with Innisbrook Resort (Palm Harbor, Tampa), the annual venue of the PGA Tour Valpar Championship.


When to travel

When to travel

Autumn (Sep-Dec) and Spring (Mar-Jun) are the best times of the year to go, since in summer the heat can be very overwhelming. We recommend booking 60 to 90 days in advance.

How to get there

How to get there

The closest international airports are Tampa (45 minutes) and Orlando (1:15hs). Another option is the Miami Airport, and then drive more or less 3:30hs.